Our love of stuff goes back a long way. Just like our children it excites, delights, stimulates & motivates. It sometimes just makes us smile.

But stuff that’s just for kids! It knocks our block off. A jaw dropping kaleidoscopic world of wonder crammed full of delicious design, terrific textures, beautiful garments, and fabulous function. We think it’s completely magical. A lot like children.

We’ve been rummaging around the global avenues & alleyways to gather together what we think is a smashing opening collection. We’ve even squeezed in a little for mum and maybe dad too. If they’re good. From the hippest tees and hottest fashions to the most beautiful & desirable hand crafted toys or the must have changing bag.

Of course you may not agree. And that’s where you come in.

We’d like to hear what you think about anything & everything we do. Tell us what you like and if there’s anything you don’t. From how we pack & wrap to the choice of stock we select. If you’ve seen something gorgeous tell us all about it. You might then see it here. You will determine what this place becomes and the stuff we stock. This is only where we start - we could have spent even more time tweaking & fiddling & messing about until we felt it was “just right”. We know that. Excuse our impatience but right now we think it’s better to just get cracking. And start talking.

Thanks for stopping by

the just-gorgeous team


Sorry if we look only partially clothed in some areas. We’re adding more stuff on a daily basis. We’ll be fully dressed soon. Or it’s off to bed with no tea!

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